You are a cyborg trying to defeat your enemies, but to fully eliminate them you have to kill them, then remove your heart and transform to the Ghost World. There you will have to kill their Stronger form, and only then are they fully eliminated.

A submission for GDTV Game Jam.

Project Partners:

Art: MrEggroll, TyrantsWrath

Programming: Saiyam Lohia, TyrantsWrath, MrEggroll

Sound Design: PrzystekRecords

Project Source Code:


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What i like
- a very cool concept ! to be able to phase in and out as a requirement to really kill an enemy.
- I think its cooler to fight the bad guys in death mode than normal mode

Great things to have
- Some simple animations and sounds will benefit the game greatly
eg; sounds when enemy got hit, animation when phasing out.  

Thanks for taking your time to review. 

Definitely agree on all the points!